"I was a member of a BIG chain gym before I signed up with WebFit.  I took part in some of their group cardio classes, did 3-4 days of resistance training a week, used the lap pool etc. There is a lot of good information out there, but there is also a lot that just doesn’t add up.  And for me, I had no problem coming in and getting the work done, it was keeping my body challenged on a regular basis that I just wasn’t good at. Now I get better results from a small neighborhood gym… I don’t need the big shiny facility to motivate myself or to give myself “options” for different workouts.  WebFit helps me get more done for myself with less equipment.  Cool, huh?

With WebFit, you get just as much as you would from one-on-one personal training in-person.  But for a whole month of personalized pre-planned workouts, you pay what you’d pay for ONE session with a trainer at the big chain gym.  WebFit is not only a great deal, but it will help you achieve some great results."

- Bryan B.

"I did worry a little about not knowing how to do the exercises, or lifts that were in my workout for the day.  I also worried that I wouldn't stay in contact with the trainer, and it wouldn't be a personalized program.  However, every lift and exercise has a video and description attached to give specific technique pointers.  There is an option to report back to your trainer after every workout on what seemed too easy, difficult, or just right.  I report back to Kelvin after every workout and stay in contact with him on a weekly basis.  He is always more than happy to answer any questions I have in a timely manner. "

- Lacey B.

"I met Kelvin at an event, and he kicked my butt with a folding chair. It one was one of the toughest workouts I had ever done, and I thought, if this is what he can do with a chair, what can he do with some weight?! I've been a member for two and a half years. You will not find a better, more responsive program out there. Your health will continue to get better. No plateaus with WebFit, because it's constantly adapting to you. Awesome program!"

- Greg C.