1) Why isn’t WebFit in the app store?

Our goal is to personalize each and every program to tailor your goals. We are constantly making positive changes to WebFit to bring more value to you. Putting the app in the app store for free downloads isn’t in our interest right now due to the value we are trying to bring to you.

2) How do I pay?

You will be sent an invoice to your email once you have a profile created on WebFit and complete the first week of test workouts.

3) How does the app know how to build me a program for my goals?

Before your profile is created you will go through a series of forms to give us an idea of where you are physically and mentally in your journey.  After that you will be assigned a series of test workouts that will give us a better idea of where your programming should start. The app doesn’t know who you are. But your trainer does. The app is just the tool to deliver the program.

4)  Can I switch programs after starting out with one?

 Yes. Your goals may change, your time might shift, and your journey in this healthy lifestyle may lead you chase something different. Our programs are dynamic and change whenever you need them to. After your billable month is over we can switch your program to whatever goal you are after. 

5) How do I give feedback on how workouts and meals are going?

There is a feedback portion within WebFit that allows you to tell me exactly how the day of workouts and meals went. The feedback that you give us will allow us to make changes on the spot when needed so we can make your journey as smooth as possible. 

6) How are meal plans created for me to follow?

When you are creating your profile for WebFit you will go through a series of forms that dive into your health history, nutritional likes/dislikes, and diet history. These forms compiled with your initial consultation gives us a clear path into creating meal plans that includes foods you like, a plan you can adhere to, and enjoy week to week. 

7) What if I do not like what is on the meal plan?

Our passion is to help you in your journey. We can change anything if something doesn't work with your schedule, taste, or lifestyle.