WebFit Nation was created on the idea that personal training should be personal.

The standard process for having a trainer is paying big money for an hour of their time, spend time and money getting to your appointment, work out, go home, and repeat next week.

I can’t stand that. That’s so impersonal and generic.

So, I decided to do something different. I decided to communicate with my clients outside of their “allotted” gym time. I started out with Excel spreadsheets. I spent hours customizing plans for my clients and sending them online. They loved the new approach!

I’ve tried “workout apps” before. So yes, initially I had the mistaken impression that WebFit was just another one of those. The difference is the human connection. WebFit works for me because there is a real trainer on the other end of my weekly workouts. Someone I have built a fitness relationship with. Someone that understands the individual goals and who doesn’t just shoehorn me and 100 other clients into the same program. WebFit is individualized, flexible and most of all – personal.
— Bryan B.

In 2011, I started training Chuck in the gym. He followed his spreadsheet plan (and met all of his goals), but wanted to make it even more convenient. He created the prototype web-based training app and developed on it. What you see today is his creation. Now we work together to give people control and convenience during their lifestyle change journey. With the web-based training app, we are now able to help people across the country.


I have been an IT Consultant and Software Developer for over 16 years. I began with a vision to make fitness coaching more affordable and readily available to the masses. Creating and maintaining the WebFit mobile application is one of my life's major accomplishments. I was WebFit's first transformation and currently in the best shape of my life. I have lost over 40lbs using WebFit Principles! I enjoy spending time with my 3 kids, playing my drums, and watching NYPD Blue.

I am the WebFit Nation Program Designer & Content Developer. Growing up in Edna, Texas cultivated my work ethic, determination and patience. Those traits helped me excel in competitive sports, where I learned the value of teamwork, responsibility and perseverance. My love of sports, health and fitness inspired me to create WebFit Nation. I currently live in Kansas with my wife Tiffany. I love to read, write and use my wife as a tester for my cooking skills.


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My name is Stephanie Bunch, and I am a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Coastal Carolina University with a B.S. in Exercise Science.  I pursued this degree so that I could continue my passion for athletic competition.  I trained for 12 years as a Junior Olympic gymnast, where I learned the definitions of sacrifice, stamina, discipline, and experienced the joy of challenging myself in order to achieve my personal goals. I now have the opportunity to share these lessons with my clients as we take the journey of fitness together.  I have experience as a personal trainer in both group settings as well as one on one training. I presently reside in Houston, Texas where I enjoy outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, wake boarding, kayaking, hiking and my latest interest, skydiving.

My name is Zac Ansaldo, and I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I graduated from the University of Kansas in 2010.  I've been interested in athletics as long as I can remember and at a young age became infatuated with seeing high level athletes' training regime. A few short years ago I was working in the corporate world and was a gym rat in my spare time. I worked hard at the gym but didn't look or feel the way I wanted. I started training as a WebFit client and began a new journey which was guided by working smarter rather than harder. I'm now far stronger than ever while feeling like a million bucks and having tenfold more confidence than before I started. I never turn down an opportunity to test my own physical fitness, but I am just as concerned about my nutrition, mobility, and long term health as anything else. I enjoy everything form obstacle course races and CrossFit to yoga. Outside the gym I enjoy drinking coffee on the couch with my fiance and watching football and college basketball with my friends.