Your 2017 Mantra

As we enter the start of 2017 millions of people will sit down with a pen and pad to lay out the goals and expectations for the year. We rarely think of the wonderful accomplishments of the past year. Instead, we focus on the improvements we want to make in the year to come. The new year is always an opportunity to start fresh.

I want to offer a new frame of thought. Weight loss is a popular New Years resolution because we associate it with all kinds of other things. Starting new diets are often something I have to deter people from doing when the new year begins. It is the single biggest mistake when trying to change your lifestyle. It is a battle that you will never win because restriction at high levels is not a smart approach.

I have written a mantra that you may find helpful. It is more like a shout that ends in a cry because I'm so passionate about you taking a different route. I hope you find it helpful in your journey.

"I will not diet in 2017. The reason I am sitting in my current state is not because my diet has failed me. I recognize that diets do not work. The shelf life of me being super strict is short and the most predictable outcomes of me partaking in a diet are disordered eating, weight regain, and loads of emotional/physical stress."

"I will work diligently to accept my body for the way it is. I understand that practicing self love doesn't mean that I can't strive to make improvements in my physique. I will not judge my self worth by the number on scale but by the quality of my character."

"I will make strides daily to improve my health. I understand that a healthy body comes in various shapes and sizes and I will be happy with the one I have. I will make it a priority to eat mindfully. I will not use food as a strategy to help me handle the stress of daily life. Moving more and exercising on a consistent basis will be how I honor my body. I will listen to my body and trust the process because my health is important."