Women Breaking The Stigma

Woman. A simple word that holds a lot of societal expectations. Who has set these expectations? This question has been running through my head the past week.

Society expects a woman to be skinny not muscular, made up not dressed down.  The societal expectations are for us to have our nails done and lips painted.  We are expected to be rescued and not be heroic.  A lot of expectations put a woman as being weak and too pretty to lift a finger.  In my opinion, I believe a woman should feel strong, beautiful without the expectations of society to tell them they cannot be those things because they lift weights or have a desire to.

To the woman who feels discouraged.

To the woman who feels self conscious.

To the woman who feels worthless and unhappy.

To the woman who wants to be more and to feel strong instead of helpless. 

This message is for you..

I want to empower you and to let you know that you are not alone. You can change the way you feel and how you look by putting your efforts into developing a better mindset to a stigma that has been around for years. A woman is just as capable as a man in terms of walking into a weight room and sculpting her body and enhancing her mental strength. 

As a woman, I have been challenged by family, friends and people who voice their opinion about me being a power lifter and a competitive physique athlete without me asking for it.  Being a female, it is uncommon to have bigger muscles because society says that it is not “feminine” or “attractive.”  Who is to say being physically active is unattractive? I receive countless comments as a competitor to not become more muscular or to not compete because it's “gross.” How is putting your effort into your health and well being “gross?”  These comments are the cause of some women to not get involved in resistance training.  You do not have to be a power lifter or a physique athlete to be healthy or “fit”.  Health comes in many forms and the expression of fitness looks different for everyone.  Every woman deserves to feel good in her own skin whether she works out at home with her child or in the gym with the free weights.

As a woman, I understand what its like to be unhappy with your body and how conflicting and intimidating it can be to walk into a gym and move towards the resistance training section. Do not be scared to take your fitness into your own hands. Resistance training can make you feel empowered and strong. verses weak and intimidated.

Weight training molds great characteristics for women that we already possess. Our dedication, grit, perseverance, and drive elevates to new levels when we are physically strong. 

A woman can set her own expectations and change the stigma of women in the weight room.