Why Can't I Look Like That

Wake up. Shower. Brush teeth. Mirror. Endlessly Stare.

“I wish I had a different nose and bigger lips”

 “Ugh, I hate my arms.”

“Geez….those eyes look more like the amazon.”

“I look too muscular… no guy will like me.”

“Why can’t I look like the fitness model on my Instagram?”

“I wish I was her/him.”

 When you peak inside the brain of a girl or maybe some guys, you may find these horrible and detrimental thoughts that have been eating and tearing away at their inner and outer beauty. Their negative thoughts are brought to them by comparison.

I have fallen victim to the callous act of comparison.

I truly believe that social media has accomplished more insecurities and concerns amongst my generation.

Nowadays we aimlessly scroll through our Facebook and Instagram only to compare how we look or how we don’t look to others.

There is so much animosity between girls and even some guys, which is just so crazy to me because it use to not be like that.

 When people compare themselves to others, they are immediately starting a losing battle.

We cannot change into another person, but you can change your health status, physical appearance and the way you perceive yourself. This is done by sticking to an individualized exercise program, meal plan and managing stress.

No. You will not look like Jane Doe in you Instagram photos nor will anyone look like you. We are all individually and uniquely made. 

Stop feeding into a vicious cycle of comparing yourself or trying to be like someone when you are so special in your own way.