Treat Your Self

Have you ever gotten off work and had a really long day and thought to yourself, “I am going to treat myself to a beer and wings tonight because I deserve it?"

Don't lie because I have been in your shoes.

I use to "treat myself" to an occasional brownie sundae after accomplishing something major in my life. Well, that occasional brownie sundae became more of a weekly thing because I had this mindset of "treating myself."  This mindset is used all over social media, in our homes, in our schools, and in our gyms.


I'll tell you.

For many Americans, we have the idea that self-indulgence is an act of starting a diet and eating so well that day that we have a need to "treat" ourselves.  We even might have had a stressful day so we need to consume something that tastes good and makes us happy, right? We justify treating our bodies like crap because we truly believe we deserve it!!

I hear it every day. We have turned eating into a treat and an excuse to not properly feed our bodies. We find every excuse to "treat" ourselves, but what are we treating? We are treating feelings and emotions. We aren’t treating our bodies correctly. We aren’t treating anything for that matter, only causing things.


What's wrong with this picture? We have made every excuse in the world to decide to treat ourselves like we mean nothing. When did taking care of our bodies become a joke? Social media has created an outlet to feed into this belief by making memes about doing a workout then eating like garbage after.

WHY DON'T WE MATTER ANYMORE? We place a higher value on the foods and drinks we want to consume without a second thought about our health. We neglect our bodies and the organs in it which allow us to have life.

I'm not saying you cannot indulge in something that you like to eat. I am saying to be mindful of what you eat and practice moderation. It's not bad to enjoy the food you eat but in today's world we have taken the true meaning out of food and made it into something that is really harming us.  We have put such an emphasis on how the food tastes regardless of its fat, sodium, sugar, artificial ingredients, and overall calorie content. 


"Treat yo self" by treating your body properly by giving it the proper nutrients it needs in order to prevent causing a potential life threatening disease in the long term.

WE NEED TO "CHECK OURSELVES" BEFORE WE "WRECK OURSELVES" because our bodies deserve better.