There Are Levels To This {Video}

Your health and fitness are important. I think we can both agree on that. Improving it is a process. But in today's society I find myself scaling people back because they want to achieve it all yesterday. I love the ambition, and resilience that one must posses to want to get to work and achieve as much as they can. But there are levels to this. 

Goals are about the short-term result. Systems are about the long-term process.

In the end, process always wins. I've found that goals are good for planning your progress and systems are good for actually making progress. Goals can provide direction and even push you forward in the short-term, but eventually a well designed system will always win. Having a system is what matters. Committing to the process is what makes the difference. When you commit to the process there will be times of frustration but you will bounce back because you respect the process. 

I hope you enjoy the message in the video.