Is There A "Magic Pill" To Weight Loss?

The unsubstantiated claims have finally caught up with all of the weight loss “gurus” and “celebrity doctors.” How many special weight loss products have you seen in the past 30 days? I have heard all sorts of weight loss scams from green coffee beans, garcinia cambogia, forskolin, to raspberry ketones.


In 2015, Dr. Oz was reprimanded for his “flowery language” without scientific evidence to sell what he called “magic weight loss cures,” “revolutionary fat busters,” and “fat-burners in the bottle.” On occasion, Oz said these products meant consumers would lose weight without any additional effort in the form of exercise or changing dietary habits.

It’s an unfortunate situation for consumers who’ve been led to believe Dr. Oz’s claims and ended up wasting money and gaining little benefit. In turn, it’s created difficulties for the Federal Trade Commission in their efforts to protect consumers from false marketing and advertising practices.

There are two main takeaways for you from this situation: First, beware of misinformation in the media and circulating around the Internet regarding health and weight loss cures. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Second, there’s no such thing as single ingredients or single product solutions for weight loss. Weight management, in fact, does take time and effort and will often require lifestyle modifications that can include small or large changes to eating and exercise habits.

A serious difference with my approach to a healthy lifestyle to the ones that are advertised is pretty simple. I believe in the true value of balance, combined with encouragement of better eating and exercise habits. Instead of being a quick fix, crash diet, or latest workout program; it is best to adhere to a program that can be easily upheld and followed long-term. The plain and apparent reality that I have witnessed is that even with the convenience of any good program designed for you, time and effort is involved in achieving a negative caloric balance and increasing physical activity to achieve weight-loss goals.