Is "Fit Shaming" A Thing?

It shouldn't be a thing!

Unfortunately, it is a thing but people that have accomplished a high level of fitness need to get over it. 

Having a fit body is still revered in society. I've seen it first hand. 

Having a fit body gives you confidence, provides the ability to move pain free, and grants you many health benefits. Individuals that are experiencing weight issues often have negative self images, adverse health conditions, and in some cases a pessimistic outlook on life. Society sees fit people as attractive, energetic, successful, and focused. Someone who is undertaking body weight struggles are viewed as lazy, unhappy, destructive, and unkept. 

I find that to be unfortunate because most of my best friends are not gym rats like myself and they are amazing. They are some of the smartest, most beautiful, honest, and driven people I know. Yes, they have a personal battle with health and fitness. Who doesn't have some sort of personal struggle? They are still worthy of love and respect. 

From my point of view "fit shaming" is pointless. It is making a claim about something that is petty. Which is insulting to the millions of Americans struggling with body weight struggles, obesity, and societal standards. 

I understand that in certain circumstances being fit will be weird to some people. I hear negative comments all the time but I deal with them the correct way. 

"You're obsessed!" Yes I am. I love the way this lifestyle makes me feel and the opportunities it gives me outside the gym. 

"Meal prep is a waste of time!" I like to etch out some time on a weekend day to prepare for the week so I don't have to think about what I should be eating next. 

"Lifting heavy is bad for you!" Losing muscle is bad for you. You can lose up to 15% - 50% of your muscle mass between the ages of 25-40. What do you think will happen when you lose half your muscle mass?What are you doing to slow this down?

"You have a lunch bag everywhere you go?" Well if there were more quality options for me to eat then I wouldn't have to. 

"Muscles look gross!" I can take my groceries in the house in one trip. Equal trade out. 

Will people look at fit people weird? Of course. Will fit people fit in with all crowds? No, people judge subconsciously all the time. Are people going to bounce their own insecurities off of you? Heck yes. Give them a little grace. 

What they are experiencing on a day to day basis is far worse than you hitting personal best in the gym and training for an hour to two hours a day. 

When you accomplish a high level of fitness you need to understand a couple things. Everyone won't understand you and everyone won't accept you. But you will be okay. 

I'd like to live in a world where people were not judged on their appearance but by the content of their character. Our society doesn't seem to be moving in that direction. My best advice is to continue to love yourself and don't allow others to decide your value.