Happy Thanksgiving! Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope today is filled with joy in the company of your friends and family. I also want to take this time to say Thank You. Thank you for allowing me to be an integral part of your life. WebFit is my passion and I feel honored every day to be in the position I am in. In 2012 Chuck and I got to work on creating WebFit and I am happy to say that we have now worked with over 150 clients all around the world.  We wanted to create something that was unique. Something that would truly empower you to become a stronger version of yourself and help guide you down the path to have a better quality of life.

We wanted WebFit to be personable, optimal and sustainable for anyone. Personalizing programs to help you at your own pace and meet you where you are. Programs to help you live pain free and able to perform the basic shapes of life (squatting, deadlifting, pressing, pulling) in full ranges of motion. Programs that help you live comfortably in your own skin and help you become confident in the person that looks back at you in the mirror. Programs that hold you accountable and help you create new habits so health is a lifestyle instead of some short term destination. I truly believe we are doing that. I also know the best is yet to come. Currently we are working on WebFit 2.0. We are dedicated to bringing you something special that makes you want to log in daily so you can continue to put the work in necessary to meet your goal. With all of the feedback, emails, text messages and continued support of you, we can not help but to create a better version.

Some of the new changes to come in WebFit 2.0 are: Higher Quality Videos ~ We have over 1,200 exercises in our database and we are working on redoing each and every exercise with better camera angles with a higher resolution camera. We will also be incorporating some new movements so we can continue to bring you movements that will progress you toward your goals. Helpful Descriptions of Exercises ~  We are creating detailed descriptions so you will not only have a visual with the videos, but also have the ability to read up on how to perform each movement correctly. List of Workouts ~ Be on the lookout for a new refreshing front page. Within the workouts tab you will see a list of your workouts. This means the change of date function will go away. This will be helpful so you can have a quicker glance at your workouts for the week and the estimated time to complete each of them without opening the workout completely. Makes for better planning in case your schedule is thrown out of whack for the week. Progress Module ~ I excited about this addition. We are configuring a way to track progress all through the app. This means weekly weigh-ins saved, uploaded progress photos so before/after pics are easily accessible and a measurement tracker so you can see your results as you progress toward your goals. Individual Set Feedback ~ Isn't it hard to remember everything you did after a workout? What went right or wrong. We plan to improve the feedback mechanism so you can submit feedback quickly after each set (group of movements). This will help your communication with your trainer and help your program progress smoothly. WebFit would not be where it is today without you. So far in 2015 as a community we have lost 400 pounds. One of our objectives for 2016 is to assist the individuals that truly want to lead a healthier lifestyle lose 1,000 pounds combined. We can't do this without you. When you come across someone who can benefit from our program let them know we would love to help them become a stronger version of themselves. To show our gratitude for you sharing us we will credit you a full month of WebFit.


Follow these 3 steps to receive your credit when you mention our program: 1) Tell them to sign up here: www.webfitnation.com/mainform.cfm. Use invite code: KE2015. There are several forms to fill out and it usually takes about 20 minutes or so. Let them know to do it all at one sitting. Answer everything honestly. 2) Let them know to put your name in the box that asks who referred them within the forms. 3) As soon as we review their information we will notify you and you will receive your free credit the following month.