Find Ways To Measure Progress {Video}

Does this sound familiar?

You decide you want to get in better shape. 
You go for a 3-mile run every day for a week and try to eat less food than you used to. 
You step on the scale every day for a week and the numbers continuously go down. 
You go to a social event on Saturday, step on the scale on Monday, and its higher than before!
You freak out, lose your cool, and fall off the wagon.
Your discipline is shot and you eat everything in sight that you have been missing out on. 
Lather, rinse, repeat.

This is what I hear a lot. That is because we have no way to objectively measure progress. In today's video, I talked about a few ways to measure progress. There are tons of different ways to keep tabs on how things are going during your journey. The key is finding ways that work for you and your lifestyle.