WebFit Client Spotlight: Elisabeth Douglas Noelting

What age do you think is the appropriate time to think about your health or doing exercise? Is there an age? I can answer that question for you by telling you about one of my clients, Elisabeth. 

I have had the privilege of training Elisabeth for 9 months now.  Her determination to lead a healthy lifestyle is incredible.  She is one of my most dedicated and passionate clients, who never ceases to amaze me. I want to share Elisabeth's story with you.

Elisabeth grew up in Austria where she learned several life skills, which she applies daily. Growing up in Vienna, she walked for miles around the city and through the streets, ski down the mountains and play tennis and ping pong with family and friends.  Even though she grew up doing some physical activity, life happened, and she lost site of her health until she was 55 years old.

In her 50's, Elisabeth started to notice everyday activities like walking up the stairs becoming more difficult.  She explained to me that she began to take her health more seriously because she wanted to have a better quality of life and get around like she use to.  She began by walking and taking things day by day.  She believes in starting slowly, so you do not disrupt your daily routine.  Now, she has made exercise a priority by participating in at home workouts with WebFit 4 times a week, walking for an hour 4 times a week, taking yoga once a week, and maintaining a well-balanced diet.

She not only wants to enhance her physicality but her mentality.  She takes Chinese and French weekly. She has a love for gardening and being a part of something bigger than herself.  She just started a pottery class where she explains that she knows that she is not the best, but she loves to create something different.  She is no stranger to getting uncomfortable, and that allows her to be so successful in her life.

At 72 years young, Elisabeth has managed to increase her strength, gain confidence in every step that she takes without a walker or the fear of falling, and lose some pounds.  Though she is not where she wants to be, she knows that she is headed on the right track, and she is bound and determined to see it through.

I am so honored and blessed to know Elisabeth and to be a part of her journey.  Allow her story to inspire you as it has inspired me. 

Believe in yourself and know that it is never to late to better your health and your future.