Are You In The "Friend Zone?"

As a coach and a frequent gym goer, I have seen a lot that goes on in the gym.  From the cardio junkies to the lifters, from the mirror hog to the modest guy wearing a hoodie. The one thing that really bothers me is the fact that most of the people in the gym are there to socialize and do not take the gym very seriously.  

For example, I was in the gym the other day doing some squats in the racks when this guy in the squat rack next to me was on the phone talking to someone throughout his workout.  He would put the weight on the bar and stop to check himself out in the mirror in front of him, while lifting is shirt and flexing his abs.  I thought to myself “dude for real… people who actually are here to lift cannot use the rack you are on because you are so busy talking on the phone and looking at yourself…. Grow up and be respectful of other people’s time.” 

When did going to the gym to talk become more important than working out? 

In my opinion the gym is where bodies are sculpted and skills are mastered, but in today’s world the gym is considered a “trend” or a local hot spot where you can hit on people or judge others. 

Gym goers have now “FRIEND ZONED” the gym.  

People have this concept in their head that buying workout clothes and going to the gym will make them “fit,” when that is simply not the case.  That is a very lazy way to think about it.  The reason why I used the term “friend zone” is simple, people want to be physically fit and look like an Instagram model without devoting their time and energy into an actual relationship with the gym or a healthy lifestyle. 

The lesson to learn here is that in order to achieve the results you want you have to change your mindset of how you view your health.  The gym is meant for so much more than socializing.  It’s meant for therapy, perfecting crafts, boosting confidence, reaching goals, competition preparation, etc.

The “fit life” is more than just wearing the proper workout clothes and going to the gym; it is taking to time to meal prep and maintaining consistent behaviors with nutrition and workouts.  Its challenging yourself and creating a healthier and better lifestyle. 

Most people go to the gym yet treat themselves to a nice pizza and a cold beer after a workout because they deserve it. STOP THAT.  Treating your body and devoting your life to a relationship with the gym and your nutrition is the only way to see the results you want. 
Most people tell me their reasoning for working out is to be able to eat what they want and still look good.  This reasoning is extremely common and shows the lack of dedication to their bodies.  They placed their health in the “friend zone.” Just because you workout doesn’t mean you are in a relationship with your health. 

Focusing on your health and growing into a better relationship with your body is more than a gym workout, it is adjusting eating habits to healthier ones.  A workout is only 30 percent of how you look.  What you eat and the portions you give yourself are 70 percent… 70 PERCENT of how your body responds to exercise and how long and effective your results are.

Fitness and health are an act of appreciation for your body.  Let’s stop abusing our bodies and coming up with excuses to not treat ourselves correctly.

Stop “friend zoning” your health and start transforming it into a relationship.