4 Kitchen Tools That Save Time

If sustaining long term weight loss is your goal then there are some things that will remain constant. Cooking will always be at the forefront of that conversation. 

I know it can be a hassle to plan meals out, grocery shop, and find the time to cook meals. But the key to being consistent week to week is finding little tips and tricks to help you save time. 

Convenient, quick, and inexpensive come to mind when it comes to preparing delicious, good-for-you meals.

Home cooked meals will always be something that I recommend. The key is to save time and money so your meal prepping doesn't turn into a stressful situation. You should check out these four kitchen tools I wouldn’t want to live without. It makes life easier for me and my wife each week. The items listed below save time because you can use them to make delicious meals quickly. Money is being saved because preparing your meals will always be cheaper than eating out. 

Rice Cooker
I love eating rice. Brown rice, jasmine rice, and white rice all play a huge role in my weekly meal plans personally. The rice cooker is an important tool to shorten cooking time. It also maintains the nutritional value of food as air and fluids get trapped within the cooker like a pressure cooker. The device also contains an automatic timer alerting you when the rice is finished. Rice cookers can also make your vegetables taste amazing by steaming them for you. 

Slow Cooker
I have to thank my mother and my wife for keeping this fantastic tool in rotation for preparing delicious meals. Growing up my mother used it all the time. I'm pretty sure she did it so I could stay out of her hair for days on end because it made the best left overs anyone could ask for. My wife introduced me to slow cooker liners and I can't tell you how easy cleanup is since I started using them. 

Get a slow cooker that’s at least six quarts, this way you can make large meals and save leftovers. Cook once, eat several meals after. That’s my slogan. Slow cooker recipes need a little prep work but nothing that is too strenuous. Chopping vegetables and protein sources is about the extent of it. One of the great things about using this tool is the fresh ingredients that you use are cooked at a low temperature. Which retains that nutrition rich, natural juices from vegetables and meats. 

Breakfast is a breeze with electric griddles. I love to make pancakes and a griddle helps me a lot because I can prepare my own and my wife's. Whether you are looking to make a lot of pancakes or want to cook your eggs alongside bacon, having the space of a full griddle gives more options for every cook. The electric griddle is best known for its flat surface, which serves as a great way to make breakfast food but the use of it extends beyond breakfast. They make great burgers, salmon cakes and various fritters as well. 

It is no secret that smoothies are delicious. Using a blender is an amazing tool when it comes to using natural ingredients. I’m all for the great smoothies that you will find at various places but they can be pretty calorie dense too. If you prepare your own then you are taking out a lot of the problems (high salt, added sugar, added fat, etc.), that are found in store bought items. The list of quality blenders out there is huge. While some truly extraordinary ones might be up there in cost, you can still find something capable, durable, and within your budget. 

I preach day in and day out that if you do not know how to eat at home then you will not know how to eat out. Investing in tools to make meal prep a little more simple is worth every penny. I hope you find some of these tools useful in your journey one day.