10 Lessons I've Learned In 10 Years Of Being A Coach

Building the body is never as easy as you think it's supposed to be. It'll take much longer than you think it's supposed to. But if you stick with it, the rewards are worth it and the effort can change your life for the better. 

Working harder is rarely the issue when trying to attain a goal. Working smarter and being consistent shows true discipline. 

Watch out for talkers. The fitness industry is flooded with individuals who are experts in academia. They have books, and can give you lectures until they are blue in the face. True masters of the craft practice what they preach as well as carry the book knowledge to explain it well. 

Every training session will not be awesome and leave you exhilarated. 

There is no "best" workout or diet. If someone says that, they are probably selling something. 

Learning how to manage hunger, energy and cravings while consuming all macro & micronutrients is the sweet spot to any good nutritional program. 

Your journey will not be linear. You will encounter a lot of bumps along the way. The ups and downs is what builds grit and teaches you amazing life lessons. 

Exercise is a form of self respect. Be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to respecting the great gift you were given. That gift is the healthy human body. Choose to nourish the body optimally, train the body effectively, and rest properly. So you can carry out your purpose here on earth. Whatever that may be. 

Comparing your journey to someone else's is not fair to you or them. You may not be where you want to be and that is fine. Pushing yourself to consistently evolve is great. But comparisons make you feel superior or inferior. Neither serve a useful purpose. Keep your eyes on your purposeful path and practice gratitude while celebrating progress as it comes. 

I believe health and fitness develops the mind just as much as it does the body.