Episode #19: Myth Busters #2

The misinofrmation floating around the internet can be confusing at times. Everything is so black and white to some people because they feel the need to take a side. Then it becomes sort of like tribalism where they launch out a full on attack against anyone who doesn't believe what they believe. Listen, in health and fitness the answer is always somewhere in the middle. On today's episode we talked about a few myths that we often hear and wanted to just give our insight into what we thought about them.

1) Is cardio the best exercise option if my goal is to lose weight?
2) Should I go vegan?
3) Do I need to drink protein shakes if my goal is to lose weight?
4) Should I be concerned about gut health?
5) Do I have to eat breakfast in order to improve my health?
6) Are low carb diets best for weight loss?