Episode #19: Myth Busters #2

The misinofrmation floating around the internet can be confusing at times. Everything is so black and white to some people because they feel the need to take a side. Then it becomes sort of like tribalism where they launch out a full on attack against anyone who doesn't believe what they believe. Listen, in health and fitness the answer is always somewhere in the middle. On today's episode we talked about a few myths that we often hear and wanted to just give our insight into what we thought about them.

1) Is cardio the best exercise option if my goal is to lose weight?
2) Should I go vegan?
3) Do I need to drink protein shakes if my goal is to lose weight?
4) Should I be concerned about gut health?
5) Do I have to eat breakfast in order to improve my health?
6) Are low carb diets best for weight loss?

Episode #18: Is Soreness A Good Thing

If you are reading this then you have experienced soreness at some point and time after a hard workout. Do you remember those times when your legs were so sore that you made a stink face getting out of the car? Or when it was hard to sit in a chair? What about the time your arms hurt so bad that doing anything to your hair was just pure agony? 

This soreness is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). If you’ve been exercising long enough, you’ve probably felt it. Some lifters relish this pain as an indicator of success, but is that really true?

The “No pain, No gain” theory is wrong! At least when it comes to muscle growth. 

Soreness can provide some insight, but don’t use it as a marker for a good workout. High levels of soreness show that you have exceeded the capacity for the muscle to undergo repair. Soreness can alter the ability to train safely, and it may decrease motivation. DOMS is the main cause of reduced exercise performance. This includes decreased muscle strength and range of motion for both athletes and non-athletes. 

So be careful next time you think it is a good idea to push it to your maximum potential just because you think being sore is a great notion. 

Your P.E. teacher lied to you. 

Episode #17: How To Vary Your Workouts

Individuals should consider varying their exercise routines for two fundamental reasons: to prevent boredom associated with doing the same things workout after workout and to consistently progress and not remain stagnant. Research has shown that adding variety to an exercise program can improve adherence.

Keep in mind that doing the exact same workout, day after day is not necessarily a bad thing. Some people enjoy a predictable, consistent routine. They don't mind the possibility of experiencing a training plateau and are content to maintain their health and fitness levels with a comfortable exercise habit. However, many individuals need to push themselves to new levels and try different activities to stay enthusiastic and excited about their workouts. By varying their exercise routines, individuals can not only stay physically challenged but mentally stimulated as well.

Episode #16: The Weekday Dieter

The weekday dieter.

That is actually a real thing. I can't tell you how many times I have met someone who eats good on the weekdays and throws everything healthy out the window on the weekends.

If you can only stick to a your diet during the weekdays then you need to rethink your strategy.

Dietary adherence is the most important determinant of weight loss success.

There is no magic formula out there that is going to elicit some special result. I know that there are pills, powders, formulas, and potions out there that some people claim to be weight loss guarantees. But the truth is they don't exist. The one thing that is proven to give the best results is consistency.

Episode #15: How Important Is Rest & Recovery

Inadequate sleep doesn't make you tough, but it certainly affects your efforts in the gym. While you may be able to "function just fine" on a few hours of sleep, doing so still short changes your body composition goals.

Your rest and recovery is just as important as your daily physical activity. In today's episode we discuss how important recovery is and what you can do to improve it. 

Episode #14: Changing The Conversation On How We View Nutrition

If you don't belong to some category or group when it comes to nutrition then chances are you won't fit in with some crowds. I have always said the conversations that surround nutrition are all wrong. Most diets are practically the same anyways. Why is everyone trying to one up someone else with their nutritional practice. In today's episode we dive into some common myths regarding nutrition and unpack a new way of thinking about the foods you put in your body. 

Episode #13: Life Lessons Learned Through Fitness

I love lifting weights. Anyone that knows me and Zac understands that we enjoy our time in the weight room.

It’s not only you versus weights but also you versus your mind and excuses. Each training session not only improves your physique and increases your performance but defines your character as well. Every rep brings you one step closer to getting stronger, both physically and mentally. Lifting weights can teach you a lot of important lessons which apply not only to sports but to life in general. In this podcast, we share with you life lessons we have learned through fitness. 

Episode #12: How To Set Fitness Goals

I think we can all agree that goals are important. Setting goals is proven to help you achieve more because goals help you strategically pick the right actions, help you put in more effort, and keep you motivated over time.

Having good fitness goals can help you push through feeling too tired to go to the gym or feeling uncomfortable because you aren’t sure what to do. It keeps your 'why' at the forefront of your mind in the tough times that you will face. 

But goal setting isn’t actually about the goal. Coming up with random numbers or ideas is one place where goal setting can go wrong. It’s more important to know your vision: the way you want your goal to change your life.

Good fitness goals are about how you want to live. Today's podcast talks about how to set fitness goals. 

Episode #11: What Is NEAT?

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise. It ranges from the energy expended walking to work, typing, performing yard work, undertaking agricultural tasks and even fidgeting. 

If we are having difficulty losing weight and blaming it on our metabolism but our blood work and hormones are actually in line, then we have to start thinking about where the problem really lies. Your basal metabolic rate can make up for 60% of your calorie expenditure. NEAT can account for as little as 15% of energy expenditure in the very sedentary and up to 50% in very active individuals. 

In today's episode we discuss the importance of NEAT and how to improve it in your life. 

Episode #03: How To Get In Shape For The Summer

The conflicting information on what you should do to get in shape for the summer time is so conflicting. Crash diets, detoxes, two a day cardio sessions, and high intensity training are just a few of the things you will hear being preached. What should you listen to and what should you ignore? In today's episode we cover some general rules when it comes to getting ready for the summer. 

Episode #01: Myth Busters

Welcome to 2 Buff Beards Podcast. During this podcast Zac and I discuss everything that revolves around a healthy lifestyle.

Today's episode we discuss some common myths surrounding health and fitness.

It is tough to figure out what information you should be paying attention to and what you should label as bull crap. I'll admit it even makes me think at times and I've been in the health and fitness industry for a long time. 

I hope today's episode provides you some value.